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 There are some New images available in the Animals Section taken in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach Florida. ! Added 2/09/2019
 There is a New image on display as the Home page's Main Image. Check it out. Beautiful Detailed and Colorful Sunset ! Added 9/19/2018
 There are a few New images available from travels to South East Asia ! Added 9/08/2018
 I am proud to say One of the Lightning Images I captured on the Fourth of July this year has been voted the Number One Landscape Image of the Month of July on the photo site Pixoto. Added 8/24/2018
 New size options have been added to the galleries for Photographic Prints. These new sizes on traditional photo paper give you the option to frame images yourself and some of the small sizes offer more affordable options to aquire a print. Added 8/24/2018
 There is a New-Images gallery online. Check it out.! Added 8/24/2018

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