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The Ordering Process

 All Photographic enlargements offered here are created at a Top quality , World renowned Photographic Lab, with over 40 years of experience servicing the Photographic community. I have submitted test prints to numerous Photographic Labs all over the globe to find the most suitable place to create the enlargements of my work offered in the galleries. After reviewing many sample pieces, I chose a Lab located in the USA. This helps with turn around time by not having to wait for an enlargement to ship from Europe, it makes it easier to remedy any problems if damage occurs during shipping, or if there is an error in the printing process.

 All images are printed using the highest quality printing techniques, whether that be using true Photographic enlargers to print on Fuji Pearl Photographic Paper, or the highest quality injket technologies for printing on metal and creating the Face Mounted Acrylic enlargements. Because the pieces sold through this Gallery are not created in house, returns are not accepted. Having a professional Photography Lab create the enlargements adds the expense of paying for their service, which is non refundable to me. If there is an error in printing or damage during transit, then a replacement piece will be issued*.

 Any image you see on this website that you like will look much better in person. The quality of the enlargements can not be showcased through an online image gallery. Significant compression and resolution reduction is applied to these images to reduce load time over an internet connection. I am confident if you like what you see in the galleries, you will be very pleased with the piece you receive in person.

 In the unlikely event that damage occurs in transit, or an error has been made, please email a photo of the item, and a photo of the shipping package if any damage is visible, to the address : From here, the Lab will be contacted and forwarded the same images of the piece in question and a replacement will be shipped. This process could take up to 2 weeks to complete.

 If you see an image that you like, but do not see a size that you feel will fit the space you wish to present it in, feel free to contact me with any inquiries about a customized piece, or to request a specific enlargement process or custom framing. If the request can be accommodated, I will be more than happy to do so. All Credit Card transactions are handled through Square for secure payment processing.
*Limited editions will need to be returned to keep them limited.

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