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The Enlargement Options

Face Mounted Acrylic Prints

 Face Mounted Acrylic Enlargements are a premium, substantial display that becomes the focal point of any room. The Photographic Print is bonded to a 1/4 " thick sheet of Acrylic with high polished, Crystal clear edges. This Presentation creates a beautiful display with an almost 3D like depth you don't get with most gallery presentation pieces. Not only is the image face mounted to Acrylic, but it is also mounted to a DiBond Backing for a very sturdy, high quality feeling piece of art that will last for years. The mounting system is a French Cleat to give you a very secure and solid attachment to any wall.

Photographic Enlargements

 The Photographic Enlargements use the Highest Quality photographic paper available, Fuji Pearl. Fuji Pearl paper has a glossy surface, with sharp detail, great color saturation, and a distinct pearl like appearance. With correct lighting, this paper will appear to have a self lit, luminescence or glow to it that you don't get with other photographic papers. Fuji Pearl is a true photographic paper that has the digital image projected onto the paper to expose the image onto it, just like traditional enlargement techniques that utilize negatives and color positives. I use Fuji Pearl because, well, it is my personal favorite. If you wish to have an enlargement done on another paper, you can request either Kodak ENDURA Lustre "E", Kodak ENDURA Glossy "F", or Kodak ENDURA Metallic.

Photographic Enlargements on Styrene

 All the information listed above for the Photographic Enlargements applies to the Styrene mounted options. These are Fuji Pearl prints (Kodak options available on request) that have a rigid backing.
 Styrene is a very smooth plastic sheet that is very resistant to warping. This makes large prints more rigid and will keep them from wrinkling in the frame, a problem that can occur when framing large images. These enlargements do not come ready to hang. This is the option you would choose if you would like to implement your own custom framing or hanging solution.

Aluminium Prints

 The Aluminum Metal Prints use a technique that infuses dyes directly onto metal sheets that have a special coating applied. Metal Prints have a nice Luminescence, and very vibrant colors with incredible detail. These prints come ready to hang, are very durable and resistant to water damage, and have a longevity that rivals traditional Photo papers when illuminated by Xenon Lighting. Although these are Metal Prints, it is not recommended to hang them outside in Direct sunlight due to the possibility of fading over long periods of exposure to direct Sun light.

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